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(a very short one)

Tire planters are nothing new. I've seen them my whole life especially in the south, but mostly in a utilitarian sense - an old tire, some dirt, and a plant. I love color, patterns, and other people's trash, so flippin' tires and turning them into bold, bright, patterned tire planters has become my new favorite thing to do. Plus I'm upcycling and doing something useful and aesthetically pleasing with trash and a little bit for the environment. Nothing gets unused.

I seek out curbsides with discarded tires, stop the car and load them in. Bulk trash days are my favorite. Old tires with the wheel still in them are the best - instant pedestal. I have "tire elves" too who magically place them in front of my garage at weird times of the day and night.

My career as an art educator and mom of two youngins heavily influence my choice of shapes, patterns and colors, but I'm influenced daily by things around me - everything from SpongeBob to candy boxes to vintage chairs to local murals to the pipes I see on the pool ceiling when I'm swimming backstroke. Sometimes the tires just "speak" to me and the colors and patterns come intuitively.


HOW FlippinRetire.com WORKS

Tire planters are great for both residential and commercial settings. The Flippin Tires gallery showcases the kinds of tire planters I make and "other stuff" too. I have readily available tire planters for sale on this site and can custom make them for you. The possibilities are endless for cuts, colors, and patterns.

My planters range from $60-$100 depending on size and labor. A small, 22 inch in diameter flipped tire is about $60. SUV tires are heavier, require more labor, and take more paint, so those run from $75-$85. They are usually 26-30 inches in diameter. Pedestal tires run around $90. Two-tiered tires come bolted together with drainage hardware and run $100 - $150.

Tire mirrors run between $50-$65. Most are 16 or 18 inch mirrors and come with hanging gear attached.

If you'd like to order a tire or meet with me to consult about your creation, email me through this site by clicking Contact Me. Also, read my FAQ section regarding detailed questions about the tires.

Click on NEWS to see where I may be selling my wares in the near future.